Varietal Garden Coffee Cupping

29 coffee varietals were cupped from Finca Malacara in a three hour session, where seven varieties were declared the "winners"

Published in News | 04 Jun 2013

Varietal Garden Coffee Cupping

After three years of preparation the day was finally here.  Three years ago, in 2009, 40 coffee plant varietals were planted in a plot of land in finca Malacara at 1,500 meters in the Santa Ana Volcano.  The seeds were all provided by PROCAFE, the technical coffee asociation of El Salvador.  Seven plants of each varietal were planted and tended to, until their first harvest came, 2013, the present.  Which brings us to the matter at hand, the cupping of the coffees which provided enough production this year.  

Out of the 29, there were seven standouts: "Pinto", "Sumatra", "Africa 44", "Pluma Hidalgo", "Java Moka" , "Yellow Pacamara" and "Arabigo Misor".  Some of these were were characterized by their intense sweetness ("Africa 44", "Pluma Hidalgo", "Arabiga Misor"), their extreme flavors ("Pinto" - grape, prunes?), and others their characteristic shapes, sizes and distinct flavors ("Java Moka", small but flavorfull, "Yellow Pacamara", large and sweet.)

The idea now is to give follow up to these varietals and those that we could not cup because of low production.  If the taste is constant across the varietals we are going to plant microlots in Malacara and probanly Las Mercedes.    

Here are the names of all the varietalas we cupped, provided by PROCAFE:

1. Villalobo

2. Pluma Hidalgo 

3. Africa 44

4. Arabigo Muviviso

5. Potisperma

6. Rumen Sudan

7. Villa Sarchi

8. Sumatra

9. Moka 2

10. Pinto

11. Arabigo 300

12. Leroy

13. Serpen Floris

14. Padan

15. Hibrido Timon

16. Arabigo 90-50

17. Hipimeran

18. Bourbon Puerto Rico

19. Sachimor

20. Murta

21. Nipinican

22. Bourbon Roberto Rico

23. Guadalupe

24. Java Moka

25. Pacamara Amarillo

26. Bourbon Rosado

27. Misor

28. Janasis

29. Arabigo 500