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Finca Piedra Pacha


Piedra Pacha, or Flat Rock, is located outside of the second largest city of El Salvador, Santa Ana. It is a fourth generation farm within the Meza Ayau family. As with Malacara, Piedra Pacha was divided into three lots, amongst three siblings of the third generation, Samuel, Emma and Arturo Alvarez Meza. Roberto Dumont, Emma’s on, is current owner and manager.





  • Region: Ochupse, Santa Ana
  • Elevation: 850m (2,800ft)
  • Size: 69 mz (48.3 hectares)
  • Lots (Tablons): 8
  • Varietals: Pacas, red bourbon
  • Shade: Madrecacao, Brasil, Laurel, Ojushte, Cedro

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