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Finca Malacara


The history of Malacara dates back to the year 1888, when Don Rafael Alvarez Lalinde inherited a property in the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano from Rosa Valle, wife to his late brother, Francisco Lalinde. He and his 13th son, Samuel, began cultivating coffee in 1925. Soon Malacara became known as one of the largest farms in the Santa Ana volcano region.

Originally it was called Medellin, but it acquired the peculiar name of Malacara, or Bad Face, from a legendary character that lived in the area with the same nickname. In 1995, the farm was divided in three lots, between Samuel, Emma and Arturo Alvarez Meza, Samuel’s children. Malacara “B” stayed in the hands of Emma Alvarez, now a property of Chantuc.



  • Region: Cantón Montañita, Santa Ana (on the slopes of the volcano of Santa Ana)
  • Elevation: 1,500m (5,000 feet)
  • Size of Farm: 73 mz (50 hectares)
  • Lots (Tablons): 9
  • Varietals: Red, orange, and yellow bourbon
  • Shade: Inga type (pepetos)

Awards & Certificates

  • Cup Of Excellence: 2013: 8th, 87.30 pts 2011: 4th, 90.83 pts, 2009: 32nd, 84.23 pts, 2008: 5th, 89.31 pts, 2007 20th, 84.95 pts, 2006 13th, 86.57 pts

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