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Finca Las Mercedes


Finca Las Mercedes/Aconcagua has been devoted to coffee growing since the late 1940’s. The farm is located in Tacuba and has “El Imposible” national forest as its neighbor. The legend says that in the early 20th century, coffee growers transported their coffee by mule, from the farms in the north to the Acajutla port. The trip from Las Mercedes Aconcagua was a perilous one; Aside from the harsh topography, there was a precipice that interrupted this journey.

The people built single rope bridges, that in many occasions did not hold their weight. Many people and animals lost their lives transporting their precious cargo.

The farms inaccessibility also rewards it with a breathtaking view of the landscape including the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range and even the Pacific Ocean. Aconcagua’s coffee trees are on average 27 years old, the farm shade trees are mostly native, allowing the “Imposible national park ” to blend into the farm.



  • Region: Cantón El Sincuyo, Tacuba
  • Elevation: 1,200m (4,000 ft)
  • Size: 95 mz (66.5 hectares)
  • Lots (Tablons): 15 tablons
  • Varietals: Red and yellow bourbon, Pacamara, Pacas
  • Shade: pepeto, ojushte, zapotillo, volador, tepenance, soguillo
  • Mill: El Borbollón, producers and exporters of quality coffee.

Awards & Certificates:

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