Social Responsability

The coffee culture embedded within the workers of the farms has been a key factor of the business ethics for Chantuc. In every coffee farm owned by Chantuc, there exists a school, a clinic and a sports facility for the use of all workers and their children.

We also provide:

  • Vaccination campaigns to employees and family.
  • Deworming campaigns to employees and family.
  • Christmas gifts to employees and their children.
  • We also provide access to clean water and yearly provisions for the children, like raincoats and sports uniforms.
  • Future plans include introducing better health care services to employee’s families. 


In Chantuc we believe in sustainable relationships with all our partners: our employees, temporary and full time, our suppliers, our mill partners and our customers!

The land 


Most of the shade trees are from the Inga type (pepetos), a local species, which due to its large leaf generate abundant organic matter, as well as provide sustenance to the local fauna.

These shade trees are pruned in summer to allow for the sunlight to reach the coffee tree’s leaves. During August and September after the rainy season, the pepeto has already grown its leaves back in full covering the coffee trees with their gentle shade allowing the coffee itself to slowly mature from December to March.

Coffee tree density is 2,500 trees per hectare and shade coverage is provided by 210 shade trees per hectare.

Las Mercedes farm performed several cultural practices to avoid erosion such as natural barriers planting Izote (Yucca elephantipe) or Vetiver grass, etc.


Our soil treatment is a main part of our sustainable practices:

We use minimum to no herbicides or pesticides. 

We develop an annual fertilization program based on the nutritional needs of the soil and foliage. This is done based on soil and leaf analysis and calculated by a fertilization program that estimates doses applied per plant per year.

All of the products used are "Green Stripe", or environmentally produced. 

Controlling fungi as rust and Anthracnose is done by shade management (reduces infestation due to soil solarization), the fertilizer program (helps to nourish the plant and makes it less prone to disease) and a controlled fungicide program just where the infection occurs.


We have obtained the C.A.F.E. Practices certificate by Starbucks for all our farms, which "recognizes and rewards producers of high-quality sustainably grown coffee"

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